here we go.


So here it is, world’s first Dynamic Applications Web Store!

How it works


simply spoken, if you’ve designed your very own Dynamic Application, this is the place for you to market yourself. We’ll give you a free editor login, if you want, or we can talk about we do one page for you, from 25 Euro.

So you always get lots of things for free that we have already done, like, prepared your very place on this very Website with all it needs is a click of a button.

The click is free, and we can put up your first page in no time at all.

what in hell are they talking about?

So you either want to collaborate, then it’s free, or you want us to do the work, then we’re happy to do it for you (this way, we hope to earn a little money, here and there).

Believe me, we’re poor as well. And proud of that.

As this way, we’re able to provide an exceptional business case, to everyone.

So you’re paying for being lazy and let us work for you.

Or you’re working and we make this Website our common success, altogether.

what is a Dynamic Application?


Well you know, look around on this very Website, and you’ll find a few samples. Basically, we’re doing 3d projections over time, x, y, and t.

All you need to do is be able to write down a few formula in x and y, let’s say, for your 21st century Startup or your Small Business plan.

T_NetProfit = “T_NetIncome – T_TotalCost”

T_TotalCost = “i_FixedCost + max( T_TotalProductionCost, T_TotalEmployeeCost + T_TotalMaterialAndEnergyCost )”

So you add up your cost and how you want to earn money, and write it down pretty much the same way as you’d do it in MS Excel.

We take your formula, put them in a file, compile once,

out comes a Dynamic Application.

Forget about that projection over time aspect. It’s automatic. We’ll add that for you.

Startup Product Manager, a collection of interactive business planners.

We’ve written a Differential Equation Solver that can do any kind of business or amortization calculation, over time. So we just declare a bunch of formula, compile once, there you go.

We can do it on day one.

In case you want us to visit you, well, it’s cool, we can do it at your site, just we may ask you to spend the train ticket. You’re willing to visit us? – cool! We have a standard offering for visitors, and this way, you’ll get your exclusive spot. In the best case, you’ll be able to take your first business calculator home on day one.

If there’s more work involved, and you want to use day one to explain your concept, we may even offer to compile it on day two, for free. All we’re saying is that this very rocket is going to work as specified. In case you need more adaptions, and then you need more, and then more, well, that’s not covered for free. Just in case.

You’re willing to do it, yourself? – sure! We’ll show you, how.

Look up Event Details here.

why should i?


Well you know, we’re not saying it can do much. It’s an instrument for precise projections over time, in a way. Apart from that, it can not do very much for you. Some people found this very interesting. Oh, by the way, it’s based on System Dynamics. 

A pretty famous approach. Ever heard about World Model III, the 3rd world, or the Club of Rome, even? – here you go. World Model 3 was an early simulation in the 70s.

So you can use it to look 4 years ahead with your Startup, or even calculate a PV System over 40 years. So you see the Time ruler is configurable as well. All predictions are precise, in theory. So with a few mouse clicks, you can look at what happens if you can produce twice as fast. It seems easy, but, remember there’s also Fixed Cost, Tax and stuff.

So you can accurately project how much money can we earn from speeding up production, and if you enter a suitable development mode, like saturating over time, it’ll show you exactly when you’ll earn and how much that is. We’ve heard a few people say this could be handy for being the best.

about precision.

Then you know, there’s a drawback with everything. This is a software. We do not gather any data, and so we won’t even know what purpose you are using it for. We thought it’s an advantage in offering Business Model Calculations, from the customer perspective.

So the software is not connected to your machine, and so it can’t make your production faster (yet). You have to do that part, yourself.

All it can do is to enable you, the user, to project expansion of your little business one value at a time. So even if you’re not sure about your future number of employees, take a guess. See what you get and try another. If you’re sure about Fixed cost, enter that. If you’ve sure that you can go faster but not exactly how much faster, take a good guess.

about 21st century offerings. Now do you want to be 1st, or where did you wanna go?

What this software does is count all your estimations together on the spot, show their combined outcome, and give you an exact statistical median of all your single estimations. So if you’re 10% off here and 20% here and ok here and ok there, you’ll get a precise prediction over 48 months with 15% error margin.

4 years of planning ahead, 15% error margin. exactly.

oh, by the way, why should you then publish your calculator and do not use it, yourself?

good question.


first of all, maybe you are a Startup yourself, and want to prove to someone (your bank) that your concept works. Well, it could also be used to fine-tune a few aspects in case a customer comes by and has specific requirements, just in case.

Startup Product Manager v2.04, multi-product simulation, in light UI mode.

second, maybe you are a Startup and want to be a winner, as well.

You have a good prototype and you are convinced that this very rocket has potential. In this case, we always recommend you go all in, as you’re first one in the market. The problem you’re facing is called:

Your solution is unkown.

Well, well. Publish here and it will be no longer unknown pretty soon.

This is because here you can prove your concept is working 100% and, in any case, remember you’re the ones who know the real detail stuff about it, and got the first prototype of that very rocket in the whole world.

Now where do you think any potential Investor, or even Customer, would call for buying another prototype of that? – it’s an early mover thing. A work in progress.

Be Nr. 1 from day one.

Oh, and don’t we forget to add your contact address right within the calculator, right?

Hey, you! Yes you there, in the back row! And where do you keep waiting for, reading this crap down here?

Do it yourself.

Are you ready to go?

So how do i get my first, very own Dynamic Application?


You send your idea to us, we do it for you.

If you got questions, we do free Skype meetings at the moment.

Search for on Skype. This way, you can always get one (1) free Startup consultancy at the moment, as long as it goes.

Photovoltaic System v1.72, an interactive PV System calculator with transparent formula system.

In case you need more details, have a look at what we’ve done, download a free one.

If you can halfway clearly describe what you want, and it’s not like a hundred formula involved, we can do it in one day.

We always recommend to start from a simple sheet of paper.

Balanced Scorecard: Production cycles.

There’s detailed description on how you can simulate your company on a single sheet of paper on the Dynamic Applications Website, here:

an Introduction to Balanced Scorecards.

If you’re not very good in math, but have a picture of what you want, let’s do a Skype call (we can also use Facetime if you got iPhone, or Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp).

about your 75%.


Bla bla bla, so how do i get my money now? – i already had to scroll down this much!

Well, first of all, just in case you’re targeting any worldwide success, you’ll need patience.

Second, about that payment function, it’s very easy. We’ll add a PayPal button and target that to your personal bank account. Or let’s say, You are going to do the button here, and we’ll add it to your Dynamic Application. Haven’t i told you we’re all about offering exceptional business case for everone? – now you see. So yes. You could also call this a 100%. Still, you may find out that PayPal will take something from you, depending on the country of buyer, conversion rates, you know. Roughly spoken, it’s about 25%.

Then you know, there’s this little drawback with everything. Once you earn more than a certain amount of money, say, 1000 Euro or Dollar a year, you should really think about having a company running right at your workplace, and pay your tax. Finally, don’t forget to pay us back, say, 2.5% for every 1000 Euro or Dollar you make from us, minimum. Let’s say you have to agree on that one or we can’t do nothing for you, as you get almost everything else for free, here.

So just in case.

Remember this is a Top-Down approach. One reason for why we’re that rapidly expanding is that We get everything to work pretty fast, because we care about details at the right moment. Well, you can also start with promoting free applications in the beginning, you know, to get a few early adaptors and start collecting users in the first place. We’ve done it like that as well.

See Impressum for details, or if you got even more questions now.

However, as soon as you’re ready to go, we are.

Enjoy your 100%.

Have a nice day!


Martin Bernhardt,
Founder of Dynamic Applications.

All rights reserved, worldwide.

Leopold’s Height, Central Western Europe, 2017.04.25. Valid from today. We’re ready.



Photovoltaic System, in dark UI mode:

Perfect Desire v1.80 - stencil mode - preview
Perfect Desire v2.016. Renaming of elements, incorporated right into the App.

Photovoltaic System, automated ToolTips with optional, hand-written comments:

Photovoltaic System v1.56, with automated ToolTips.
Are you ready to go?

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